Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boobless No More!

Hi Everyone!
Just a quick post to say hello and that I made it through my Chemo #4, YAY!! I think my support team (Nick, Diane and Rebecca) was too pooped to write last night, so I wanted to let you know I am just fine. Yesterday was definitely not fun, I was feeling pretty sickie by early evening, but I was able to nap in the afternoon and sleep most of the night which was pretty amazing. Today I am suffering the post chemo hangover, which is sucky, but tolerable. Keeping my weight up is a very important goal of mine throughout all of this, and I thankfully have been able to eat three meals both yesterday and today. I think keeping fueled lessens the symptoms a lot and keeps me from looking from too cancer patient-y. Thanks for the yummy Sloppy Joe's tonight Monica!

Today I went for my post chemo Neulasta shot (raises white blood cells), but the more exciting appointment was with my plastic surgeon for my first chest expander fills! So, what this means is that the nurse fills yet another gigantic syringe with saline solution, uses a magnet to find the injection point in each of my chest expanders, and then shoots the syringe's thin needle through my skin (only felt a little poke on each side) and fills each with 50cc's of saline solution. This will happen every week until my expanders grow to the size that I want my new boobs. Pretty cool, huh? Once they are the at the size of my liking (double D??), we stop expanding. Unfortunately, I'll be keeping the expanders until this time next year before I can have my exchange surgery (because I'll be getting radiation after chemo and that changes the breast tissue, so I have to wait until it heals), when they surgically remove my expanders and give me my "real" breast implants. So anyway, I now have teeny tiny breasts and a very sore chest as my skin and muscles expand. This should only last a few days each week after the fills. It's worth it, as I am so excited to be able to wear fitted t-shirts again without looking like a 7 year old boy.

Ok, Nick is demanding that I head to bed and I agree. I think I'm through the worst of this week's side effects and I'm ready to start feeling better every day.
We send our love to all near and far!


  1. K-
    I have been following all of your blog posts... you are an amazing woman! hang in there! Hugs and kisses, Jenn Wild

  2. Kristin,
    I have been thinking of you, sending my positive energy your way! You are remarkable!
    Thought you might appreciate that Maddy's eight year old BFF just told me today that her favorite movie of all is... yes, you guessed it, Mrs. Doubtfire! Todd will SO be looking forward to our next movie night because that is what Maddy wants to watch! Too funny!
    Take care! We hope to see you all soon!
    Love, Karey Palmer

  3. K-
    So glad you received the package! Yes, that is the skin care company that I work for, educating around the nation. I use all of their products, but some of them are different than what you have. I generally have normal-oily skin and your products are specifically for dry skin during your treatments! It is the company that makes all of the chemical peels that I use in my practice and on myself! I wanted you to have full size in the cleanser and extra daily moisturizers (which could also be used at night if you like it)... if you like it all, email me and I will send you full sizes of everything!
    So glad to hear you are doing well. I always look at your dinner calendar and think about how I can sneak on there as a guest... since I don't cook! Or if you have a double cooker that night, could they drop that off at my house? LOL!
    I don't cook so I couldn't sign up for that, but the skin care? yep! THAT I can do!
    miss you, love you and pray for you everyday.

    I laughed at your message tonight... you'll have to start your skin care regimen before all of your medications at night!

    Jenn Wild

  4. Hi Kristin, your sense of humor is just so much fun to read...can feel your personality working hard to get you through all this yucky chemo:) Just thinking as I was reading "boobless no more" that you are building your body back in a way that only those that have gone through this could possibly understand. My prayers are with you and just think that with each saline injection all the good stuff (all the love of family, friends and friends yet to meet) is going in and the bad stuff is already gone! Sending healing thoughts and energy prayers to you, Hugs, Deborah

  5. Alright lady, let's get another post going, shall we? I've checked back at least 3 times now. ;) Hope you're having a good 'off' week. xo