Monday, June 28, 2010

Battle of the Sexes!

It's Monday evening and the kiddos are fast asleep after a long weekend of gender separated non-stop fun. Here on Verde Lane, my girlfriend Nancy and her two daughters flew in from Denver and treated Jenny-Jane and me like queens. My little lady loved every second of Nancy's girls doting over her every silly move (that's Keenan, Jenny-Jane and Tatum eating cupcakes), and I adored having my dear friend by my side. Yes, there were moments of tears, fears and confessions, but double-over laughing was how we spent most of our time together. This was especially true when Rebecca joined us for our hilarious sleep-over Saturday night. We all have WAY too much information on each other, and we all remember different parts to every story. Aren't college friends the best, but also the most dangerous? Don't tell Nick they kept me up to almost midnight, but I was tucked in with kisses and tears of love until I literally had to throw them out of my bedroom so I could finally rest. Thank you girls for making me feel so normal, as I sat with you and laughed and cried, and forgot for so many hours that I am bald and skinny and fighting cancer.

Nick and Fisher had their first true father-son weekend up in the cool mountains of Arizona with a gaggle of boys (and one girl- go Shea!) and their dads. I heard from Nick Friday evening as he used his friend's cell phone from up on a precipice that he and Fisher would probably be coming home Saturday evening. Well, when it was 10pm on Saturday, I had to muster all my courage to believe they were having too much fun to leave, and not in some remote emergency room somewhere in northern AZ. They arrived safely home Sunday afternoon dirtier than all get-out with story after story of all the fun they had. While Fisher was the youngest one there, he definitely showed the other little guys who the fishing ace was. He and Nick went out fishing Friday afternoon before the other kids arrived and Fisher proudly brought back the first fish of the trip. All the bigger boys were excited to fish too, so they marched off to the lake, and guess who got the first fish again? Oh yeah, my boy. And I guess he let them know it too. Modesty is something we need to work on. Super cute. They slept in tents, ate fresh trout, pooped in a bucket... it was a boy-filled weekend of fun. Oh, that's Fisher on the far right of the photo- lil' dude!

Today I was back in the oncologist's office for the week-post chemo blood tests. My white cells are on the rise, and my reds while a tad low, should be shooting up too. We ate steak and spinach for dinner, I think that boosted them right there. My doctor gave me the green light for my next four chemotherapy infusions of a drug called Taxol. Again, I'll be going every other week starting on July 6th. I talked to him about my long-term treatment and the plan after Taxol remains six weeks of daily radiation, then five years of hormone therapy (pills only) and then I'm home free! The scariest part of this whole journey is the possibility of the cancer returning. My doc assured me that at some point during my treatment, I will receive a wonderful gift, the gift of peace. Peace from the constant fear of having to fight a new cancer, and putting myself and my family through this crazy ordeal again. I am desperately and anxiously awaiting this gift like a kid years for Christmas. My fellow breast cancer sisters also assure me this gift is coming, and it's as good as it sounds and worth the wait. I'll let you know when it arrives, the minute it arrives.

I've been kindly reminded that I need to keep the posts coming, and I apologize for the four-day delay. I will be writing again soon as this is my "good week" and I'm getting stronger and stronger. It's time for a delicious Carnation Instant Breakfast and then time for bed. With love and wishes for a good week of your own-


  1. Hi Kristin, sounds like everyone had a good the 'poop bucket' for the guys! so wonderful to find some fun and happiness in the midst of all the 'chemo' just keep doing what you are doing and the spirits will continue to give you balance...will pray for the gift of peace and that is comes faster than you think, blessings, Deborah...your prayer warriors where busy again tonight here in the poconos! :)

  2. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July weekend my dear friend! It might be tough to top last weekend though...looks like so much fun was had by all! I was hoping you would post a picture of the chocolate cream pie that wrong? I think I need help. hee hee Love you doll! Sending big hugs! xoxo

  3. Hi Kristin, it is 95 degree's here in the must be very warm in AZ:) Praying that you are staying cool and enjoying lots of 4th of July food:)...just wanted to stop into your blog and let you know that I was think about you and wanting to send a quick hi, hugs, Deborah