Friday, May 14, 2010

Who's That Girl?

Finally, a quick shot of my new short "do"! We had a lovely evening walk and front yard play time tonight after the kids had dinner and Nick came home from work. Watching Fisher play kick ball with a huge grin on his face and his adoring sister Jenny-Jane trying to copy his every move was the highlight of my day.

I do have to admit that my physical limitations of not being able to lift, carry or move my upper body and arms very easily have put me in tears lately. It is so hard to go from being completely able to depending on others for so many basic needs, especially when it comes to caring for the kids. While our munchkins love the attention of their aunties, as their mama, I still want to be their everything. I'm making a commitment to start practicing more patience with myself. This is a marathon and not a sprint, I need to pace myself. I also understand that my current physical limitations are due more to the surgery than the chemo, and the surgery healing is underway. I'll just be a lot happier once can lift my little girl out of her crib in the morning, put her on my hip and start my day. I think I've got 2-3 more weeks before that can happen, sigh.

As a family, we are looking forward to a quiet and fun weekend with my sisters here, as my chemo symptoms lessen each day. I'm looking forward to the next week of feeling more like myself and continuing to heal. Next chemo is Monday the 24th, so I've got lots of time to play before then. Brace yourself, two of my wildest and craziest college roommates are my chemo buddies for the next round- things will definitely get interesting.
With love,


  1. Hi Aunt Kristen,

    It's Emma. I love your new haircut! Hope your doing all right. And I send my love!

    I love you so much,

  2. Hi Kristin, it's the pink pocono pastor friend of Virginia:) You look adorable! I understand having long hair, you will have it again:)...yes pacing your self is a challenge, your sisters will help you with that:) Thought about you first thing this morning and prayed that you could have a fun and chemo-free is so good that you can have a week off, your strength to handle chemo will get stronger on each off week! Fisher has such a sweet protective look on his little boy face and Jenny-Jane is just "grammy eatable" !!! Sending prayers for all of day at a time:) blessings and hugs, Deborah

  3. Virginia (Nick's Mom)May 15, 2010 at 8:50 AM

    Kristin, love the bob! Very cute. Love and hugs to your sisters -- I know you'll have a wonderful weekend filled with laughs and love. Thinking of you every moment! Love, Virginia

  4. hi....never thought i would see you in a sensible bob. but damn, you wear it well. and you will wear a NON-bob well too. i think of that marathon often....a wonderful way to strive to live life. and you are DOING IT, quite elegantly might i add. nere' you worry about the crib lift or being there for your babies - YOU ARE. small peeps are very forgiving. i love you - a

  5. Your hair looks adorable - love it! Soooo glad you have such loving care there. Wish I could be there, too! Love and miss you xoxo Mimi

  6. Hi doll!

    Super sassy hair sister! Love it! Makes me want to follow the trend! :)

    It is totally understandable that you have your moments of feeling discouraged or sad while healing from your surgery. It's ok to allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in the moment, embrace it and then move through will be cleansing. Just a little reminder: YOU ARE THEIR EVERYTHING! Fisher & Jenny-Jane have absolutey no confusion about that...children are smart and resilient. They understand mommie has a "boo boo" and this is all temporary. You are loved my dear friend! xoxo

  7. Love the new do! It was so fun to see Fisher at Eden's ballet recital today! Keep feeling better. Lots of love TMEF

  8. Nice "up" do!! Love the photos of Fisher and his wife-to-be. One never knows. Glad your sisters are there to take the next stint. Thinking of you!!

    Julie D.