Monday, May 24, 2010

my friend kiki

Hello all in kickitkiki land! This is Kristin's pal Becka coming to you from Verde Lane. After some question as to if Kiki would be able to have round 2 of chemo (fever over the weekend, low blood cell counts to name a couple) she was fortunately (or if you ask her right now, unfortunately) able to have the treatment. First of all may I say that Kristin is without a doubt the MOST positive and cute "c" patient EVER! At a time when things could fall apart this Hower household is running smoothly and FULL of love. They are so lucky to have such adoring care for the kiddies . And their love towards mom seems to keep her going. (By the way, I am able to write this quick note because we are taking an intermission from "Superbad" for Kiki to take a little rest. I mean, who watches young adult, super funny smut to take focus off hurling? We did have to fast forward the parts with booze or puking as to not give her any ideas. Which is actually a pretty large amount of the movie...isn't that what makes it sooo great?) I imagine it sounds pretty strange, but I am honored to be here. You WOULD NOT BELIEVE the amount of cards, emails, gifts, etc that have arrived here in the last month. I know Krisitn in truly grateful for every one of them. But the reason the postman and internet elves have been so very busy is because Kristin is a wonderful person who has brought joy to each one of our lives. In some way or another her blunt, funny, beautiful, big footed, generous, bacon eating, bad word saying and generally inappropriate self has entered our lives and we are better for it! On Halloween about 4 years ago my husband and I dressed as Kristin and Nick. It was a truly liberating experience right down to the pickle bottle of booze. May I suggest while you are thinking about Kiki and keeping her in your prayers, that you think about something that you love about her and try to be a little bit like my friend kiki.


  1. Virginia (Nick's Mom)May 24, 2010 at 7:52 PM

    Becka, thank you for your fun and loving update about our wonderful Kristin...And thank you for being there to help her through this SuperBad experience! As for one of the many things I love about Kristin -- just today I was trying to wrap a gift as creatively as she does, but somehow my polka-dot paper and miter corners just aren't as perfect as hers! Hugs, love and prayers to Kristin!

  2. oh hi becka....(and kristin...and nick)! i am SO happy chemo went off today...i will be following your lead on wed and help keep our sassy pants, well, sassy. your entry is heartfelt and incredibly witty - i guess that is why you are part of the chosen. don't you feel like that with kristin - like you are SPECIAL and LUCKY to be her friend? that is because we are - very much so. best of luck with this night and please call me if you need backup....602.402.4082.

  3. Hi Kristin,

    Aileen and I have you in our thoughts every day. It has been 6 years since we last met believe it or not after that wonderful trip to Ireland. Larry has been keeping me informed as to how you are doing. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know all the Flannery's in Ireland wish you a speedy recovery. We tune into the blog every day. Hello to Nick and the kids.
    Lots of hugs - Seamus Flannery, Limerick, Ireland.

    PS - I prefer blonde!

  4. Hello, hello! :)
    Becka, thank you for the darling update. I have been thinking about K and wondering if she was able to go for chemo so I appreciated getting up this a.m. to your message. (Brilliant idea by the way to dress as Nick & K for Halloween...I wish I had thought of it lol!)

    K - hi honey. You have been in my thoughts so strongly. I have our big fundraiser for the Foundation tonight and I am wearing my pink, silicone bracelet in your honor - I don't care that it doesn't blend with my attire! I just don't care and frankly, I don't think anyone else will either :) I am seeing a trend in your film preference....hmmmmm, Hangover, Superbad....I think I am going to get some Jr. Mints and popcorn and crash that Hower House soon! Continuing in thoughtful prayer my friend. I hope you move thru the yucky part quickly this week. I love you. hugs.

  5. Hi Kristin, prayers answered that you could continue on this chemical seem so crazy to want to be well enough to take more chemicals to make you feel nasty so your can get better...we live in a crazy upside down world...prayers are still going strong here in the Pocono's many many women who have been where you are, are sending their love and prayers...hugs for here, Deborah

  6. Kristin - so glad you were able to get to round 2 today - just that much closer to finising up this retched chemo! So many things that we love about you but I think my favorite and my husbands is that you are a proud "Bacon of the Month" club member! I hope to see you in person soon...but if not know we are sending super good vibes your way!! xoxo - Nan