Sunday, May 16, 2010

My All Girl Gang

Here we are, those crazy Knotek girls (that's my maiden name if you didn't know- I got so lucky to marry an easy name like Hower!). From left to right, that's Claudia, Diane, Jennny-Jane and me. Poor Fisher and Nick have had to bear an estrogen-fest weekend with us four gals, but I think they kind of enjoyed it.

I did as promised and really took it easy these past few days. Every need was met from food, to dishes, to cleaning, to kid care and beyond. A true chance to heal. I'm feeling stronger every day and only took one nap today. One lingering side effect, my sleep is definitely weird. It always feels kind of twilight-like. I'm not sure if I'm sleeping or daydreaming most of the time, but then hours pass suddenly so I must be asleep. The dreams are odd beyond odd. I must have a VERY whacked out subconscious. I know you want details, but really, I can't. Just trust me.

Fisher had a super fun Disney-like day today which makes me so happy. First to Home Depot with Dad to help turn his sandbox (aka neighborhood litter box- sick!!) into a new vegetable garden. Nick worked all day on it and it's perfect. Then Fisher was whisked away by his best friend Thomas Evans and his mom Miss Andrea for lunch at Rainforest Cafe ("there were trees and monkeys and rain in the restaurant!"), then to see his girlfriends Georgia and Lane in a dance recital (the boys gave the girls flowers) and then a stop for frozen yogurt with the whole crew. Are you kidding me? A four year old's heaven.

This week we start in with doctor's appointments again, but happily, no chemo until Monday the 24th. One interesting meeting we have Tuesday is with a genetics counselor to help us figure out where this cancer came from, and to see if it may reappear. These tests are so important because my family has no trace of breast cancer that we know of, but if it is in my genes, we need to know to protect ourselves. I want to defend the girls in the photo above like a mama bear.

I'm over and out before my Tylenol PM kicks in and my looney tunes dreams begin. I may give you a taste of that insanity in a later blog. Just for fun.


  1. Hang in there Kristin, you are amazing.
    We are all thinking about you, here in Wisconsin. No one loves you as much as your sisters, except of course your mother, and your husband, your kids, oh so many that care and love you. Onward to Victory! Now would be a good time for dear Claudia to instill upon you some of her "organic" wisdom. What could be better for your health, less burgers, more veggies!

    Kim, Max and Kelly all say hi, they can't wait to see the kids. They have so much fun with them. It's very important to know the cause of this crazy ride, it could effect my cubs as well. I always tell Kim, if she wants to know what she will look like when she gets older, take a look at Kristin.

    Much Love

  2. Virginia (Nick's Mom)May 17, 2010 at 1:40 PM

    Oh you gorgeous Knotek girls (this includes you, Jenny-Jane, of course!) -- how wonderful that you are all together to share love and laughter and caring!

  3. Great pics of little ones and I appreciate the blog. Think of you daily and pray for a speedy and strong recovery from your surgery. Be kind to yourself. Megan

  4. Did someone say "organic" food...that always gets my attention, if there is an expert in the house give it a all look amazing! What a joy to all be together, continue to take lots of pictures you are all so beautiful:) Enjoy the crazy dreams and the twilight sleep...will continue to keep you my prayers, hugs, Deborah