Sunday, May 2, 2010

Late Night

What the hell time is it anyway? I woke up and it was dark out, meaning I must have slept most of the day. My guide through this perilous ride told me to expect to start confusing days and nights, which is probably why I'm here. My cocktail of medications is pretty heavy including pain killers, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxers, antibiotics and now includes anti-constipation medicine so my body is pretty whacked out. I'm feeling pretty nauseous too which makes eating not too fun, but I understand the importance of fueling my body so I'm choking down all I can.

Nick and his Mom have been super patient with me and the kids too. Fisher went to a bowling bday party today and Jenny-Jane had lots of snuggle time with grandma. It feels somewhat decadent to be in bed so much, but I know it's healing time. I hope to wash my hair sometime in the next few days so I may even be up for visitors. Thank God my hair still fits in braids- maybe I'll find a braided wig a-la Jamie Lee Curtis in Trading Places!


  1. Hi Kristin, it is Deborah McLean your mother in laws friend from the Pocono's of many women here praying that you can handle all the pills and still make your self eat:) Yes, days and nights will get mixed up, rest, meds and sleep are your friend:) You are being covered in prayers and spiritual energy so just keep floating along and let everyone pamper you! hugs and blessings, Deborah (pink pocono pastor:) (*_*) sending you angel hugs and peaceful dreams:)

  2. Hi tiny k,
    You're a fanfreakintastic writer! You can just turn all these posts into an awesome book, "Kick It Kiki"!XO