Monday, May 3, 2010

Late night TMI: Miralax

I really don't mean to make these late night blogs a habit, but what else am I going to do when I'm on a vampire's schedule? Reading is out of the question, as the words are all pretty blurry due to my med regimen. Nick went to work tonight from 8pm-1am, so he got home just in time to clean out my chest drains, give me my pain meds and another glass of Miralax. I was hoping not to have to blog about the constipation, but it's getting hard to avoid. I've been home from the hospital for 4 days and still no "movement" and still no clean hair. I'm seriously grossing myself out.

As you know, Nick's super-mom has been here since last Monday and she ends her shift here on Wednesday before heading back East. Nick's sister Wendy arrives Tuesday for a week to help keep our family machine running around here. Surprisingly, the kids are thriving. They love having family in town and most rules have gone out the window. Every meal is in front of the tv and ends with some fabulous ice cream or brownie treat. There are presents, playdates and a constant audience for everything. Since how all this would effect (or affect?) them was one of my biggest concerns, we are passing that by with flying colors.

Nick continues to be amazing.


  1. So glad to here there is silver lining...lots of attention for all Howers!! As for the Miralax - try the Smooth Move tea I hear it works wonders!!! :)

    xoxo - Nanni from the block

  2. Kristin & Nick,

    We are thinking of you all on a daily basis. So glad to hear you have family help. So nice to know your children are being well taken care of. Kristin...try and get some rest for your skinny little body. I'm sure it's hard but it will be so good for you. Good luck with your poop!!
    Love you girl!! Lisa Geyser

  3. Hey Kristin...if all else fails try prunes...they make them with flavors now:)...I remember my son giving prunes to one of his children and before you now it...poop is flowing...I went through what you are going through on the way home from Atlanta at thanksgiving...prunes and prune juice was the only thing that worked...praying that by tomorrow you are one with the potty:)...keep writing no matter what the time of day of night...we are praying for your body to feel more normal. Hugs, and prayers for normal movements:) Blessings, Deborah McLena

  4. Fish and I are reading about your experiences and we are in awe of how brave you all are. I wish there was more that we could do for you, I would love to cook you a meal..but distance prevails unfortunately. Hang in there..hope you can feel the positive vibes we are sending all the way from Michigan!

    Kristin and Mike Fisher

  5. Way to go Kristin, I know many people have you in their thoughts and prayers and that will continue. Your husband is an amazing man, but not quite as amazing and strong as you are. I am so impressed with your blog and how you are able to put all this into words. Please let all the help take care of you while you rest. Just like many others, the whole Burke family is saying their prayers for you each night!!!

    Lots of Love

    Jon and Jill Burke