Monday, May 3, 2010

The Info Keeps Trickling In...

Nick here (with a little editing from Kristin), after pressing the surgeon that we wanted to see the post-surgery report card asap, we held an impromptu meeting with him this morning. In a nutshell, here are the results:

The Surgery
Dr. Harding upgraded his previous score of 9/10 to a 10/10 after seeing the report. He said with a smile (one of the few I've seen actually) he is "delighted" that the report said NEGATIVE MARGINS. This means, he removed all tumors and surrounding cancerous tissue and, more then likely, will NOT have to conduct another surgery to remove additional tissue. He gave a quick disclaimer that the PETScan may reveal something additional, but for now, things are complete to his satisfaction.

The Tumors
The tumors (now removed) still number at five and range in measurements from just over 2 cm and just under 5cm. We already knew that they were classified as Grade 3, meaning a faster, aggressive type of cancer. I like to think, the bigger they are, the harder they fall :)

For those of you who understand breast cancer, I am Hormone Receptor Positive, and Her 2Neu Negative. This means there is a pretty good range of Chemo options for my oncologist to select from.

Here's the not so great news, of the 16 lymph nodes that were biopsied, 8 have tested positive for cancer. Let's just hope the cells have stopped there and are not wreaking havoc somewhere else in my body. All of this equates to early Stage 3 diagnosis. This is what we've been semi-expecting, but were also hoping beyond hope for a Stage II diagnosis.

(Nick again here).. Tiny K hates my analogies but I can't help's my Cancer-BlackJack one:
We know she has cancer, we just didn't know the cards we were dealt...until now. Although our hand is kind of crappy, I have a good feeling about things. We're gonna have to take some hits to get there, but we'll end up winning! In the meantime, thanks again for the tremendous support, love, prayers, help and good thoughts—couldn't do it without our family and friends.
Stay tuned: We meet with our reconstruction surgeon Dr. Mosharrafa tomorrow (Tuesday), PETScan and Oncologist on Wednesday.


  1. What ever it takes to keep the mind can fight any fight with the love of family, friends and distant prayer warriors and you have buckets of them!!! When you get on over load...TAKE A helps the brain fight the good fight, hugs and prayers, Deborah McLean

  2. My Name is Christie and I am a friend of a friend of Tom evans and heard about your recent diagnosis. I hope you don't mind me taking a look at your blog and your beautiful family. Keli told me about you because I too was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (same week as you). I also have two very young kids and I'm only 34. I completely understand the way this has turned your life around and that it's very frightening. I'm at stage 3b because my cancer is the inflammatory cancer but all the prayers must be working because the PETScan indicated no spread past the lymph nodes. I hope that perhaps knowing that someone else somewhat like yourself is going through this too, makes you feel like you have yet another teammate. Like you and your husband, I am awe struck and stunned at the outpouring of love and support that has been presented to us by friends, loved ones and family and even some friends we didn'tknow we had. I wish you a fast and complete healing so you can move on from this nightmare and know that you have a chemo neighbor in Tucson. I'll keep you in our prayers. Let's show cancer that it's messed with the wrong ladies.