Monday, May 10, 2010

Hi everyone,

One chemo treatment down, seven to go!
Aunt Wendy here (Nick's sister) with an update on Kristin, who is resting.
But 4-year-old Fisher's story tops Kristin's first day of chemo: He's showing off eight stitches in his right arm.
At about 2:30 p.m., Kristin and I arrived home from chemo and a grocery shop. We snuck into the house to avoid interrupting Judy as she put Fisher down for his nap. We could hear Judy's sweet voice and some mild protesting from Fisher. Typical stuff from a kid who will probably give up his afternoon nap soon.
Then we heard a slam and the tinkling of shattered glass.
Fisher had slammed his elbow through a pane of glass in his bedroom door.
Then he threw up about five times.
Nick raced home and we were off to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Diane the Superauntie ditched work and arrived here in 10 minutes flat to take care of Kristin and Jenny-Jane.
The X-ray and stitches only took about five hours! Fisher was so very brave.
Still, the star of the day was Kristin.
She showed up at the doctor's office looking absolutely gorgeous in a cute new top and hair flair (headband with flower). She was armed with a Sonic Strawberry Limeade RT 44 Slush and "The Hangover" movie downloaded onto her iPad. And she had her secret weapon: Nurse Lyndsay. You could almost look forward to chemo because it means getting to hang out with Lyndsay. She is so calming and cool.
Before the treatment, Kristin sat reading pages and pages about her new best-friend drugs--literally from Adriamycin to Zofran. Lyndsay was careful to explain all of the possible side effects, starting with a certain type of steroid before chemo.
"It has a tendency to cause a stinging sensation in the anal area."
WHAT? Happily, Kristin did not experience that.
On the bulletin board in front of Kristin's brown pleather recliner, dozens of pictures of people's dogs, cats and other pets were strangely comforting. Another bulletin board features many quotes. The visiting husband of a chemo patient gave us his take on the rather modest surroundings: Some doctors put a lot of energy into their office decor, other doctors put all their energy into their patients. Kristin's dedicated and experienced Dr. Wendt certainly belongs in the second category.
All is quiet now. Jenny-Jane and Fisher are tucked in their beds. Bella is sleeping, Bear is standing sentry at Kristin's bedroom door with a stuffed fishie toy in his mouth. Kristin is watching "The Hangover" in bed and trying not to think about feeling like she has a serious Level 11 hangover of her own. Nick seems satisfied that his sweet little family is safe and calm. Good night, everyone, and thank you for the outpouring of good wishes and prayers. We feel your love wafting throughout the house.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. What a day, for you all. Kristin, congratulations for getting through Chemo #1!!! I pray that the side effects will be few and minimal. Fisher, what a brave boy you are! Wendy and Diane, thank you, thank you, for being wonderful sisters and for being there when you're needed! Nick, bless you for being your steady and loving self for Kristin and the kids! Phew. This was a big day! And one big day closer to Kristin's return to total health! XOXOXO Mom/Virginia

  2. Ok that was a seriously crazy day! Day one is done sister! I am sorry...I know you feel I said before, sleep, sleep, sleep as much as you can. Drink tons of water. Eat popsicles. Today is a pretty day so if you feel up to it, sit outside for a little bit. Do what you need to do to nurture yourself. I am so grateful that Wendy and Diane are able to help so much...such lovely ladies. I love them both and I don't even know them. :) I am so sorry to hear about Fisher. He looks like one tough little dude in his picture though! Nick, you represent all the great husbands and wonderful daddies in the world and I am proud to call you my friend. xoxo to all! I love you K! xoxo to all!

  3. Kristin, Congrats for rockin' that chemo treatment! Geez, what an absolutely crazy day. So glad that Fisher is so brave and recovered quickly! I hope that you feel better soon and don't get too tired. Seriously, reserve your energy. One treatment down, and a step closer to the end of treatments!! Sending you love and courage. Julie D.

  4. Praise God that Fisher is smiling and wanting to show everyone his major "boo boo." There is definitely a book beginning to take shape around your could not invent your first day of chemo:) Prayers a being sent across the country to your beautiful home for love, peace and lots of people to help. Kristin rest rest rest...thats when the body does its best healing...hugs and blessing, Deborah McLean (Pocono's)

  5. Kristin's test #2

  6. ++Vibes++ from Tom & Lisa in Flagstaff.