Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I think the title of this post is pretty obvious. It's finally here, the day when my hair is coming out in clumps, lots and lots and lots of clumps. Good thing I've got lots of hair, so it does not look crazy horrible, yet. I washed it this morning and had to grab the handful of hair out of the drain. When I brushed it wet, so much came out it looked like a man's toupee. I put it in the potty and then my sister Diane came in and gasped "That's gonna clog your toilet!" So into the garbage it went. I actually left the house today without blow drying and went to physical therapy with wet hair because I was scared it would come out in even greater masses. It's all over the house, seriously, it's gross. I have an appointment tomorrow for "the big shave" and that's ok. What I'm dealing with now is icky, hair everywhere. Laurie, my dear hairdresser of over 15 years, is ready and waiting. She'll even trim "Shiloh" for me, so my alter ego will be sassy and ready to go for the weekend.

My sister Claudia claims that I highlight the brighter notes in my journey as I write, and sort of skim over the bad ones. Well, I'm not skimming on this bad one. It sucks, but it's time.



  1. Gah. For some reason that makes it all seem so much more real, K. Ugh. My heart is hurting for you tonight. But I also cannot wait for the debut of your sassy new look on Saturday. Love and lots of prayers

  2. Hey, Kristin, Oh, the day the hair comes out is a bad one indeed... Thank goodness for your great sense of humor and for your total support group who can laugh (and cry) with you. Shiloh will make a splash Saturday night! (Happy Birthday, Nick... you probably didn't expect that turning 40 would be quite as traumatic as this) Thinking of you daily, Kristin. Your blog makes us feel so close to you, and makes it possible to know that you're getting through it all in the best possible way. With lots of love, chris (& Harold)

  3. I know you will look fab in your sexy scarf too. You will always look beautiful no matter what, really. Bigs hugs, A

  4. Agreed - your sense of style is incredible and good taste impeccable!!! You always look great - today or any day!!! Dropping off a little treat today...something in a wild italian print!!!

  5. So I am a bad "blogger", (you knew this already). We have been communicating by text, email and even in person yesterday, (lucky me!) but I am so glad I had this evening to get caught up on about a week, (sorry), of your amazing blog! Every day you make me smile, laugh and sometimes, yes, cry. You are incredible. Becka asked us to think of a thing we love about you, well so many, but after reading this...right now Honest is what comes to mind.

    Thank you for sharing Fisher with me and Georgia again yesterday. I truly love the little man!

    On to the hair....did you do it today? I must say, while I do have a thing for shaved heads, (REALLY!), the wigs were exceptionally sexy!! LOVE the brunette!! Is that Shiloh?

    I love you very much and I am excited to celebrate Nick's birthday with you all!