Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chemo Week, Pick on Someone Your Own Size, I Ain't Playin'

Hi Everyone!
I'm back!! But I'm going to make this super brief. I'm happy to say I'm feeling SO much better today than yesterday. Chemo day seems to be the worst. Still no throwing up, but feeling "SuperBad" and not able to sleep, even with a full Ambien in my system. I finally did get some zzzz's last night, with the help of Nick's cricket sound app from the iPad, of course, but not much rest today. Hence, I need to get my butt in bed asap.

It was awesome having Becka and Diane here to watch over me like mother hens the past two days. We had tons of laughs and some tears too, but I felt very loved every moment. Nick had a phenomenal day today in southern California meeting with clients, and he arrived home tonight beaming. The kids are doing great too. They had a happy day playing in their new "frog" pool (sorry, Claudia, the whale pool was harpooned) and lots of love from nanny Judy. They really seem to understand and respect that I need lots of private, rest time, alone in my room. They don't barge in, and stay for only as long as I can handle. Then they paddle away, happy as clams onto their next adventure. Nothing could make me happier than knowing they are seemingly unfazed.

Diane and I even ran to the wig shop this afternoon to pick up my alter ego "Shiloh". I'm talking sexy stripper Shiloh, not fatty, bad haircut Shiloh Jolie Pitt. I think I'll debut my Shiloh this weekend as we celebrate Nick's 40th birthday on Saturday night, his actual bday is Monday the 31st. Let's just say, it's not the exact one I posted a photo of earlier, but don't look for a blond mommy in future family photos!

Oh, and a shout out to the Flannery clan in Ireland! I got a comment on Becka's post from our friend Seamus and his wife Aileen who we visited six years ago in Limerick, Ireland. His comment said that all the Flannery's in Ireland wish me a speedy recover and read my blog everyday. Now that's awesome!!! (Sorry I didn't go blond Seamus!)

Quick health update: last Thursday my white blood cell count was very low, and on Monday, they were off the charts high, due to a probable infection in my right breast area. I am on super-mega antibiotics for that and it seems to be getting better. We are trying to avoid a trip to the hospital for intravenous IV of antibiotics. I'll find out this Thursday when we meet with my plastic surgeon if that is necessary. Strangely enough, today got my second Neulasta shot that ups my white blood cells after chemo. Nurse Lyndsay says it really was necessary- ok, I defer to them. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I have my first physical therapy session for my right arm which still ceases to straighten completely. Can you say annoying? I feel like a dinosaur with one stubby arm. And, I've discovered Pecid for after chemo "acid reflux". I told my nurse that my throat felt like it was going to throw up, and she said "silly, that's acid reflux". Easy cure. And my rocking bad headaches? "You need some Mountain Dew". Solved. If only all medicine were this simple.

Aaargh, I have so much more to say but have to cut myself off so I can get some hopeful sleep. Our family is happy and safe and sound tonight (including Diane in the back bedroom, Becka was there last night). Ok, my Ambien is kicking in, thank God. I thank you for your unrelenting care and concern to read my blog. I've forever astonished at who reads it daily. "Feeling heard" is a gift not everyone receives. While I may be alone at times in this battle, I feel undying support from the hundreds who hold me up.
I truly send my love to all.


  1. i am a friend of a friend (thru the Lees...paul and kristi). I read your blog daily, pray for you, cheer you on and am a fellow uofa wildcat! Thank you for sharing your story and your journey. your wit, strength and honesty are beautiful!

  2. virginia (Nick's Mom)May 26, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    25% down with the chemo, hurray and congrats! Mountain Dew and Pepcid, does that give you a buzz? :) I love your spirit and humor and let's-just-get-this-thing-done attitude. You are an inspiration, dear Kristin! Love and prayers!

  3. Glad you are back and feeling better. We missed you at dinner at the St. Francis last night. You were certainly in our thoughts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next time the group gets together for Girls Night Out you will be able to join us. Keep on fighting!

  4. Is it time for some frozen yogurt yet? Love you so much. hugs and kisses