Sunday, May 16, 2010

Arranged Marriage Alert

This just in... photos from the dance recital Fisher went to today. Those gorgeous children are Thomas, Fisher, his future wife Georgia and beauty-queen Laney.

Can you stand it??

I can already see these photos being shown 20+
years from now during a slideshow at Fisher and Georgia's rehearsal dinner, and I get to be the one to tell the story of how they fell in love when they were four-years-old.

Thank you, my dear friend Krista, for making me truly believe I will be there to see this day.


  1. just priceless....fisher looks like he may have been dealt a heavy dose of the ROMANCE gene. flowers and on a knee? just toss in the barry white and chablis.

  2. So, so precious! My favorite pic is of Fisher kissing Georgia's forehead. I can't wait to be at that wedding with you!

    Um...ok, can I just say that I am greeeeeen with envy when I look at your sister pictures of you, and your beautiful sisters! I am an only child so I have decided to adopt you girls! :) Hugs & kisses my dear friend. Love you!

  3. And I will be with you as you put together the slide show and prepare the presentation!!! I'll also be next to you while you watch those precious babies grow, play sports, sing in the choir, graduate and drink their first beer! ENJOY!!!!!

  4. Shea will be so sad to be knocked down to bridesmaid status! GUess the trudging through the Flagstaff snow to go sledding didn't help her!
    Cannot wait to have the kids for a swim date and fishing date!

    Miss ya XXOO amie