Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kristin Kicks It Back Home

I'm Nick's mom Virginia, and thought I'd give a quick update while Kristin and Nick have a quiet moment, finally. It seems like a lot more than a day since Kristin went in for surgery! This morning Diane came to the hospital, helping Kristin to freshen up and feel human again with sisterly hair-braiding and companionship and cheer while the doctors made their rounds. They are pleased with their patient, and Kristin was even able to get a little rest during her remaining time there despite some real discomfort. Lunch included tater tots and grilled cheese, so we knew she was starting to feel a bit more like herself! (A bit of intrigue: a few very serious security guards in her hall -- definitely guarding the famed Brett Michaels. We were glad that Nick restrained himself from various paparazzi schemes.) We brought Kristin home late this afternoon, thrilling Fisher, who is very sweet and careful with Mommy, although extremely curious about the whole thing; and Jenny-Jane, who had to make do with just sitting on Mommy's lap and being held up by others for many Mommy-kisses. Kristin was overwhelmed with all the flowers and gifts and support from you all! We are all so grateful that this first huge step is done. And done with Kristin's usual blend of strength, grit, humor and beauty. Speaking of which, her nurse today said that she had never seen such a beautiful after-surgery patient in all her years. We all agree!

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  1. You are all being prayed for, keep up the amazing job of making life as normal as normal can be...blessings being sent from Pa. Love Deborah