Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's D-Day....Let's roll!

Okay....Nick here. I wanted to post a quick lil' blog while K's sawing zzzz's due to her pleasantly drug induced sleep. Here's the skinny on what happened today:
The meetings with the doctor's went well this morning. As you can see from Dr. Harding's pesky sketch here, she will be having a full mastectomy on her right breast and what is referred to as a simple mastectomy on her left breast. This means all tissue, muscle and lymph nodes will be removed on one side and just tissue on the other, respectively.

Bridgett, the main nurse at Dr. Harding's office has been monumental in arranging our initial testing and pre-surgery stuff. Although we're still waiting on some of our early test results from the oncotypeDX Assay testing, one tidbit of information we found was that she is considered Hormone Receptor Positive (Est+ and Pos+). This is about the only time when the phrase "testing positive" is good news. This, essentially, means she may respond a little better to a specific type of chemotherapy drug.

Per the suggestion of Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa, our highly recommended plastic surgeon, she went to Tina's Treasures and picked up a bunch of post breast surgery knickknacks which included some flipflops with a flower ribbon on 'em, a vest which has pockets on the inside (totally convenient for holding her soon-to-be-bags-of-fluid for her two drains under her armpits), a new bra, little pillows as well as some pamphlets.

We sat down with Fisher (4 yrs old) before bed and she explained that, "mommy is going to the doctor's for a little bit to get some help." Eventually, he seemed generally okay with the whole idea as long as if he could still hug mommy when she came home. It was very hard for her as she relayed that her friend Jenny always used to say to her kids that if she couldn't be with them in person, she would always be there in their tiny hearts. So friggin' sad....but comforting to the little guy.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna steal one of those magic pills from tiny k (shhhhhhh) and try and get some sleep for tomorrow's big day. Check in is at 9:30 at St. Joe's Hospital, surgery is at 12:30PM. Should last about and hour and a half for the removal part, then another hour for the reconstruction. She'll be pretty zonked out so Bridgett said no visitors right away. Although she loves being catered to in the hospital room, she only gets 23 hours there this time. We'll be back at our house by mid afternoon on Thursday. Kindof crazy. I'll post a follow up as soon as I can to let everyone know how this "first drive down field" goes for us. Thanks so much for all the kind emails, text's and means a ton!


  1. Thanks for the update and pics Nick. We've got tons of people praying for you today my friend. All our love, McQueens

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. Your family is constantly in my thoughts today as I pray for a speedy recovery.

    Susan Reina

  3. In thoughtful prayer this morning for K. Sending warm hugs to all! xoxo

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today Kristin, Nick, and the littles. Thank you for the updates and pictures of Kristin. Still smiling bright as always! Much love to you all...Lisa & Jeff

  5. We are with your Kristin! I know you are not a sappy gal but I am a sappy Grandma so just know we are prayin' up a storm for you today !! DF and I send all our love to all of you. You will kick it -- for sure!

  6. Hi Everyone - I have a "ways you can help Kiki" email update going out each week as well. Send me a note at if you would like to be added to the distribution list.
    Thanks, Andrea Evans

  7. sweet nick and kristin....we are RIGHT THERE....knowing you are in amazing care and under a very watchful and loving eye. chris and tamir went to ut happy he is your doc. i am very good with massages and grocery store mags...i can also do a mean mani/pedi. we love you! aimee chris and barlow

  8. K & N - thanks for the update and explanations...we are sending good vibes and prayers your way. xoxo - Nanni

  9. Mary and I have been thinking of you both all week...Best of luck today! Go Hower's! Our fingers are crossed and the positive thoughts are flowing.

  10. Kristin: you are awesome! Your incredible attitude and sense of humor is EVERYTHING ! We are sending positive energy and prayers your way everyday... With love, judi + riccardo

  11. Kristin you are a true "WarriorChic"! Your positive attitude and smile are inspirational to all of us! I am sending all of my best thoughts and prayers your way today. Let me know if there is anything we might do to help you kick some *$%!#$^#. Thanks for updating us all on your progress. And lastly....enjoy those pain killers!

    Best- Katie Kerrigan

  12. Kristin and Nick,

    I appreciate the updates greatly! I am so glad you'll be home tomorrow Kristin and you can begin the recouping process there. Remember Jenny is with you always- guding, supporting, and helping you from above! You are not alone!!

    Love and prayers to you both!