Friday, April 30, 2010

Donuts + Special K + Super Heros

Number One: Here's just one little thing that occurs for every breast cancer mastectomy- Every four hours we have to drain these tubes that are inserted into k's breast cavity. Not a big deal for us, but seriously, can you imagine what that's like for her? Anyway, after hearing the little bedside alarm go off again, I found myself whining, "oh geez, time to drain the tubes again (kindof like that donut commercial)." I realized, at that precise moment, throughout this entire ordeal I haven't heard Special K (my nickname for her) bitch once. Well, except for the one incompetent nurse right after surgery who she almost got fired. I mean it, not once. Amazing!Number Two: My mom, Dianne, Judy and myself are settling into a routine for cleaning, caring, watching and feeding of Fisher and Jenny-Jane (k too I suppose:) I'd say we're doing okay even though the kids are still running circles around us. The house is still in fairly neat order, the dogs and cats are still being fed, the plants are alive and no one has reported us to protective services. However, it's utterly exhausting. So, I'm gonna give a shout-out to all you moms out there (including my own), and, at the same time, throw all the husband-fathers (including me) right under the bus...How can four grown adults barely manage what one does on a daily basis? If she's not an actual Super Hero, she sure is mine.

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  1. What an amazing support system for a marvelously deserving gal. Am so thankful and relieved to hear things are going so well.
    The Guido prayer network has been in full force. Count us in on helping out...will coordinate with Andrea.